3D Ultrasound

What is 3D ultrasound? Good question. 3D ultrasound is simply a rendering of a 2D ultrasound at various angles to create a volume image or 3D image. A common misconseption is that 3D and/or 4D ultrasound is more powerful than common 2D ultrasound. And because the 3D image is created from 2D ultrasound, it is just as safe as 2D ultrasound. (Moreover, the FDA regulates the programmed frequencies of all machines before they can be manufactured and sold.) Often times, such software that produces these images have the capability of "coloring" the 3D image to a common sepia color tone. In more simplistic terms, look at it like a standard 2D ultrasound machine with a computer attached to it. The standard 2D ultrasound machine renders the 2D image and transfers it to the onboard computer where the 3D/4D software coverts the 2D image into a vivid 3D image, and integrates a sepia color (or other possible color) onto it to make it look more flesh tone. All this is done at the speed of the attached computer and generates it back on the screen for your viewing.


3d ultrasound


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3d ultrasound

3d ultrasound


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